Child Care Services Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am married but my husband is incarcerated. Do I need to open a child support case?
A: No

Q: If the father of my children lives in a different state or country, do I need to go to the Attorney General office to open a child support case?
A: If the father of the child is not in the household, you are required to open a child support case for every child.

Q: If the father of my children is in the household, do I need to open up a child support case?
A: No, but he must be working or going to school.

Q: Why would I open up a child support case if the father is assisting me?
A: We require all parents to open a child support case to be eligible for child care.

Q: Can I apply for child care if I work but my spouse is disabled?
A: Yes

Q: If my spouse is not working or going to school can I still apply for child care?
A: No

Q: Can the father of my children care for the children and get paid for it?
A: No

Q: In terms of income guidelines, do you evaluate what we bring home or do you take the money we pay out for rent, and car payment, etc. into consideration?
A: CCS makes their assessment based on how many people are in your household and your gross monthly income (which is before taxes). We do not deduct for rent or car payments.

Q: Do you count SSI and child support as income?
A: Yes

Q: What if I can’t find my social security cards? Can I just provide you my social security number?
A: No, you need to go to the social security office and apply for the social security cards again. We will accept the receipt that they give you until you get the actual card.

Q: What should I do if I can’t find my check stubs?
A: For the wait list, we will accept the wage form as long as we can verify employment. Before child care can begin, we must receive a print out from your employer.

Q: TSTC will not fill out my college form until we have attended for 11 days. What should I do?
A: TSTC will not fill out the front of the form, but they will fill out the financial aid.

Q: What is a degree plan?
A: A degree plan is a list of classes you need to take in order to get your degree.

Q: I want my mom to care for my children. What do I need to do?
A: Whether you are in the program or on the waiting list, your mom must become a listed provider with the Department of Family and Protective Services before she can provide care for your child through our program. Go to for more information. Once she is a listed provider, you and she will need to attend an orientation class with us.

Q: Once I am on the waiting list, what should do?
A: You must call back every sixty (60) days to keep your name updated on the wait list.

Q: I start work on Monday. How long do I have to wait for child care?
A: Funding for child care assistance is limited. The first step is to get a child care wait list packet and return everything the packet requires. Once you have completed the packet you will be placed on the waiting list. When openings are available, we contact families according to their priority groups and then contact families who have been on the waiting list for the longest period of time.

Q: How will I know when funding becomes available for child care?
A: Once funding becomes available, you will receive a call from CCS setting you up with an appointment time and date. Remember, you need to call every 60 days to stay on the waiting list or call anytime your contact information changes.

Q: I received a letter saying I may qualify for transitional child care. What is that?
A: Transitional child care is available to those who were on TANF and have started working.

Q: I’m on the waiting list. Do I still need to report changes in income, employment, school or training, etc.?
A: Yes, you need to report all changes. If your income goes up, you may no longer be eligible. If you stop working or going to school, you may no longer be eligible. If your contact information changes, we may not be able to notify you when your name comes up on the wait list.

Q: I was on the program before. Does CCS still have my social security card numbers and other information?
A: No. Once you are off the CCS program, you must start the process all over again. This includes completing a new wait list packet, submitting all required documents, and turning in copies of the social security cards.

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