Weatherization Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Weatherization?

A: The objective of the program is to

1. Assist Low income families in lowering their energy consumption and cost
2. Increase their comfort levels and their health, safety, and well being
3. Typical Weatherization services include caulking, weather stripping, replacement of doors and windows, installing attic and wall insulation and replacement of inefficient appliances. The Weatherization program is not a rehabilitation or repair program. Minor repairs are only allowed to ensure the protection of Weatherization materials installed.

Q: Does the program cost anything for the client?

A: No, services are provided at no cost to the client.

Q: Is emergency assistance available through WAP?

A: No, EOAC WAP does not currently have emergency assistance available.

Q: How do I apply for the WAP?

A: To learn how to apply click here.

Q: Must I own the home I live in?

A: No, but if you do not own the home you must have a landlord agreement signed by your landlord. (Form is included with application packet)

Q: What if I have no documented proof of income or have no income?

A: You will need to complete the Declaration of Income form and have the No Proof of Documented Income form notarized. (Both forms included with application packet)

Q: Does WAP replace windows and doors?

A: An assessment of your home will be performed, and then an energy audit will be run to determine specific measures to be performed. Windows and doors are evaluated in the assessment. The energy audit will determine if they qualify for replacement/repair.

Q: What happens after my application is submitted and complete?

A: You will receive a letter in the mail which informs you of your eligibility. If you are determined eligible you will then be placed on a priority list.  

Q: What is an energy audit?

A: An energy audit is a computer software program used to determine the measures that will be performed on your home.

Q: What happens if I have any issues with the work after the final inspection?

A: EOAC WAP holds a 1 year service warranty which begins the day of the final inspection. If within that 1 year you have issues regarding the WEATHERIZATION work, please call us so that we may address the issue with our contractors. If issues arise beyond the warranty period, you will need to contact the manufacturer of your appliance.

Q: Can I get Weatherization Assistance more than once?

A: Weatherization Assistance cannot be provided on a home that has previously received the service since September 30, 1994. If an eligible client moves to a residence that has not been weatherized you may qualify.

Q: What should I do to prepare for the initial assessment of my home?

A: We ask that you please ensure that all walls and windows be made accessible. Please clear any obstructions in your home. The health and safety of the WAP staff and contractors will be considered prior to assessment or beginning of work.

Q: What areas does the EOAC WAP serve?

A: We serve the following counties: Bosque, Falls, Freestone, Hill, Limestone and McLennan.

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