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500 Franklin Avenue

Waco, Texas 76701

(254) 753-0331

Economic Opportunities Advancement Corporation

Of Planning Region XI

Other Committees

Technology Committee                                                                          Audit Committee

Debora Jones                                                                                              Stephanie Abright

Teresa Watson                                                                                            Judith Benton

Michael Thompson                                                                                      Dr. Sylvia Edwards-Borens

Sabrina Gray                                                                                               Darlene Cates

Tina Gonzales                                                                                             John Minnix, Chair

Becky Nix                                                                                                     Robert Rowe

Personnel & Grievance Committee                                                     Nominating Committee

Stephanie Abright                                                                                       Stephanie Abright

Darlene Cates                                                                                             Darlene Cates  

Susan Copeland                                                                                         Dr. Howard Childs

John Minnix                                                                                                  Susan Copeland

Robert Rowe                                                                                               Sara Pinner

Fund Raising & Marketing Committee

Dr. Sylvia Edwards-Borens

Dr. Cassy Burleson

Darlene Cates

Susan Copeland

Sara Pinner

On Monday, February 24, 2014 the Executive Committee recommended that the By-Laws Committee, Compliance Committee, Governance Committee, and Strategic Plan Committee all fall under additional duties of the Executive Committee. The recommendation was approved unanimously by the EOAC Board of Directors.